What is a custom home?

Three ways to customize your home;

Overall manufacturing: The whole is directly transported to the construction site after the factory is manufactured.

Modular manufacturing: manufactured in the factory as a module transport to the site for assembly.

Prefabricated parts: After being prefabricated at the factory, they are transported to the site for assembly.

Whether it is overall factory manufacturing, modular or prefabricated, it is just a way of construction, depending on the characteristics of the construction site.


What is the difference between a custom home and a traditionally built home?

Traditionally built houses are produced and installed on site, subject to weather, site production and construction conditions, tool and material configuration, manual safety and management, etc., which will generate many uncertainties; custom homes are based on design at the factory. Production is completed, reducing the impact of on-site construction, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Which home do I have to customize?

The specific location depends on the location of the construction, urban planning requirements, usage and budget. Please contact your sales representative for details.


What is the difference in cost compared to a house built on site?

Customization - also known as off-site construction - provides faster completion rates, reduced labor time, reduced energy use and wasted materials, and lower cost of building design and specifications at the same location. Thanks to custom housing materials, labor and quality predictability, we can provide accurate estimates of the full cost of the project, greatly reducing or eliminating the risk of scope changes and cost overruns. Save more costs in areas with high labor costs.



What is the construction cost of a custom home?

The typical cost of a typical custom home is between 100-350/SF, depending on the characteristics of the construction site and the level of interior and exterior decoration.

The following is the ratio of construction costs:

Foundation: 20%

Structure: 30%

Public system: 10%

Interior and exterior decoration: 20% or more

Installation fee: 20%

The above fees include architectural design drawings, labor, transportation and materials; construction license fees, city service fees and sales taxes are not included.



What will affect the price of a custom home?

The characteristics of the construction site and the level requirements of the interior and exterior decoration will determine the final price; we will have an accurate final fixed price when signing the contract, which is based on the option you choose. In addition, the soft cost of design, engineering and licensing, foundation, excavation, utility and finished site costs as well as transportation and installation costs. These fees vary by location, location and design, depending on the basis of each project. For projects in West Coast cities, remote areas, and areas with high local labor costs, we find that all costs (pre-construction and licensing costs + modular costs + site and delivery costs, including land development and sales taxes) are usually ultimately at each square foot. 150 to 500 dollars.


How much can I save when I use HUAGU Homes prefabrication?

Customized homes in Huagu can save on construction costs. Through efficiency and speed, we can save 20% to 30% or more compared to traditional building contractors. However, we find that the price advantage of custom homes varies widely, depending on the market, and because of the remote location or location in expensive real estate areas, the cost advantage of customization is usually the greatest.



What does a custom home price include?

We have three types of customization options to choose from:

Basic configuration:

It includes the frame structure and panels of the whole house; it does not include: foundations, panels for surface decoration, doors and windows, roofs, indoor and outdoor decorative items and utilities.

Standard configuration:

Including the overall frame structure of the house, panels, doors and windows, roof and outdoor decorative items; excluding: interior decoration, plumbing and electrical finishes and utilities.

Overall configuration:

In addition to the above configuration, it also includes all fixed living facilities such as kitchen, bathroom, countertop, tile, paint, floor and electrical; excluding foundation.

When we make a specific estimate for our customers, it will include: architectural and interior design drawings, on-site foundation, equipment, delivery, installation and delivery. Depending on your site, terrain and location; does not include: building permits and inspection fees, city service fees, utility connections, septic tanks, water or wells, landscape gardens or roads and other costs.


how to buy?

The first step in buying a custom home is to understand your purpose of purchase and rent it? investment? Or do you live? The land or lot to be built, and the list of housing configurations you want. This means considering appearance, floor plan, size, budget, layout and completion. Once you have made these initial decisions, please contact us to view the specifics and build a feasibility study, which will result in a construction cost estimate report. If we finalize the final model model, sign a contract with the sales representative and pay the order, we will arrange a specific customization and construction date.


Service Process?

Contact the sales representative of Huagu Residential 》 Site Measurement and Valuation 》Determine the house model 》Architectural Design and License Approval 》 Sign the contract and pay 30% of the advance payment to start production

》On-site foundation construction 》Payment of custom payment and delivery 》Construction and interior and exterior decoration installation and construction 》Check-in permit and related procedures 》delivery;


How long does it take to build?

3 to 60 working days after the design approval is obtained, depending on the characteristics of the construction site, construction methods and requirements;

If you customize our off-the-shelf products, the overall customized house can be completed in 3 days from the signing of the contract to the completion of the project;

Modular custom homes take 14-30 business days;

Prefabricated custom homes take 30-60 working days;



Unpredictable time?

Government service procedures; such as: design approval, building permit and inspection, check-in permit;

Weather and natural factors;


Where can I build?

Mobile home community or RV park:

Many retired people rent land from mobile home communities to build homes, reduce the size and size of their living, and avoid the need to care for gardens and lawns, reducing the cost of living and labor;



City ADU Affiliated Housing:

Due to the scarcity of land in the city centre and the shortage of housing, the government encourages the construction of a second annexed house on the land of single-family dwellings for rental or self-occupation;



New home:

Building houses on land that you have purchased for self-occupation or investment.


Old house reconstruction:

Demolition of old houses to rebuild new homes to improve the quality of living and the value of the property.



City regulations:

Less than or equal to 120 square feet

There is no public equipment such as water and electricity, no design and construction permit are required, and it can be installed directly on the ground without requiring permanent foundation; if it is necessary to install public utilities such as water and electricity, a building permit is required;

120-220 square feet

No design approval is required, but a building permit is required;

Anything greater than 220 square feet

Design review approval is required before building permits are obtained.

For specific regulatory requirements, please check the local city service office;

Reference website: https://www.codebook.com/listing/#CA